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Coco KD uncensored photo

Coco – Thailand uncensored photos View more at...

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MP vs Flower Joint vs Out-Call vs In-Call

#4 Hang Flower Joint This is the most expensive option in my opinion only because you will drop some money just for intel. Flowers for girls to feel them out + drinks and tips to waitresses for intel etc. Then once you find a girl you pay to hang flowres to impress them and then you negotiate a fee that in my experience is higher than market value. Also this is the highest risk. Flower Joints are getting busted far more often than anywhere else where I live. Once a week I hear about another raid or two. #3 Massage Parlors, or MP This is my economy option. I am getting full service for an hour for 150 – 170. The extras are what throw it over the top for me. I get shower and usually a decent massage out of it as well. The problem is the quality is VERY hit or...

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Natural HUGE tits of Thai Girl

Thai girl with spectacular firm natural tits. Which girl from viva3? It’s for me to know and for you to find...

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Thai girl from viva3

Guest who this is? From viva3 escort.┬áThis girl has a smokin’ body!

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