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How To Get Her To Let You Cum In Her Mouth

Let her know that you don’t expect her to do something she hates, just ask for her to try. Explain that your orgasm is ruined if she pulls off as you cum, so it’s either switch to handjob at about T-minus two seconds, or don’t stop. Absolutely do not trick her by screwing up the warning and trying to cum in her mouth as a surprise. That will set you back about two months at a minimum. Act like you are really into it and loving it. If you’re basically holding your breath and silently hoping that tonight is the night, it’s not really that hot of an experience for her. Try the moaning and groaning thing with some excited pawing at her as it gets better and better. Pull her hair a little in the 10-15 seconds to go mark. If it’s hot for you, it’s hot for her. Maybe...

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Geylang Brothel Bans ‘CIM’ After Tragic Drowning Accident

A 23-year old worker at a popular brothel in Singapore’s Geylang District has been killed in a bizarre accident early last Thursday morning that has left the city-state stunned. According to reports by local media outlets, the woman drowned after a customer at the venue requested a ‘CIM’ service, which is an acronym used to refer to when a male ejaculates into the mouth of his female partner (i.e. come in mouth). Emergency services were called to the establishment in the early hours of the morning but were unable to resuscitate the woman, who was pronounced dead on arrival, having drowned following the CIM service. Investigations are currently under way, but early reports suggest the male customer, identified as a 48-year old finance worker living in Sengkang New...

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