Shirley the Exotic Hanoi Girl

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Shirley the Exotic Hanoi Girl

Latest Update as of Feb 2017:
Shirley has changed name to Angela. Now working at Vavoo Pub @ Kuchai Lama, near NSK Kuchai.

Date: 15 March

Name: Shirley
Race: Popiah (Viet Chinese, Hanoi)
Age: 23
Height: 167cm
Language: Mandarin (very fluent) & lil English
Face: 8.5/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 33C
Pussy: 8/10
DFK: 9.5/10
CB: 8/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Massage: Nil
DATY: 8/10
HJ: Got bbbj already
FJ: 9/10
MOAN: Sensual intense soft moan
ANAL: Me dun like.
Rush: within 1 hour
GFE: 8.5/10
WIR: yes
Damage: As stated from website

New girl…. Okt ask interested or not….. As 1st customer of the day & fresh meat …. Why not?

Shirley the name…. Sweet young popiah…. Start of with light kiss upon door closed…. Assist undressing me… And me undressing her…. With our birthday suit, we cuddle, caressing each other body & kissing match started….

Proceed to bathroom….. Shower together… With out even lift a finger, she bath me thoroughly…. While washing lil shinji, she ensure the rod clean & shiny…. And necking me crazy….. Return favor by washing her nen nen & suck both of it tenderly…. Enough with the pre foreplay, dry ourselves.. To the bed….

Shirley sitting on the edge of the bed, start licking my lil shinji while drying my balls & thighs… With her towel just enough covered her beautiful breast, and I standing enjoyed been suck, almost Enough to blow my load instantly….

Stop her, grab her, throw her on the bed & my turn to start licking…… Suck, lick, flick & kiss her nen nen & lil forest pussy…. With my tongue running wild, she was in ecstasy mode….. screaming & trembling…

After enjoyed her after glow, she push me down & start CB from top to bottom….. Using her tongue…. Suck clean my rod & balls, even better than bathing…. Cannot tahan already….. Flip her, spread her wings & jab her With my trembling hard rod…… Straight to hardcore mode…

After dunno how long we fucking each other & almost break my back (again)…. Blast my load in glorious facial bukkake…. Damn satisfied…. her face with my billion soldier of fortune….

Help her to cleanup the bukkake…. Rest & regain our breath….. Cuddling & caressing….. Finger her pussy & she stroke my still hard lil shinji… End our session in bath…

I just love how she bath me….. How unique? for me to know, for you all to find out… BTW, She’s ex-skyriver WL…

Overall 9/10 session …with tips


Bon Appetite.

by shinjihikaru


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    • Nope, no problem. Maybe it’s your computer.

  2. Shirley has moved to Sri Petaling now.

  3. Bro how to book Shirley?

    • Bro, call 011-26008088 for booking

  4. I thought I saw her in Vavoo Pub in Kuchai Lama Now? She’d not available for booking anymore? Now goes by the name Angela/Cheryl.

    • Shit really?! What a waste. I’ve been her regular since day one. She’s the only girl here that accept Indian Customers with sincere heart. Raw her all the way and cum inside every time. Wish her all the best with her new career. Here are her latest photos from her FB:


  5. She’s poor as fuck now.

    Still manage to fucked her with the right price.

    Went to Vavoo Pub in Kuchai by myself, msg her that I’m coming to see her and willing to pay her to sit with me all night. Brought some friends with me to drink beer. Once reach at 10pm, (she actually told me to walk in much later because she don’t want her boyfriend to see me, she told me her boyfriend was a staff of her old working place, damn that’s fucked up). So i walked in around 10:30pm with my friends, open buckets of beers under her tap and offered her 100 to sit with me all night.

    Mean while having the time to slowing convince her to sneak out work and come back in time before 2am to a nearby hotel for a quickie. She agrees and asked me to leave first and msg her the hotel location nearby.

    Quickly i callled to a regular hotel i use across the street for a room, then msg her the hotel name. unfortunately she doesn’t know where is that eventhough it’s just accross the street, i guess she’s not familiar with kuchai lama after all. So I met her up in the corner of the building and brough her up the room.

    It’s 12 midnight, we have time until 2am. Chatted for a while and asked her why she quick escort job, she told me her boyfriend doesn’t allow her to continue the work even though he is one of the staff there. That’s new to me…

    I don’t wanna wasted anymore time so I quickly have her to suck me hard and penetrate her immediately after I ate her pussy. I must say WOW! for 3 months she has stopped escort work and she’s all wet, squirted a few times in the middle of fucking her, she was so wet and high I accidentally slipped and fucked her in the ass, she didn’t reject so I continue until i unload all into her ass. (It went raw after a few minutes she took out the condom and say it’s okay that she only fuck her boyfriend now.)

    we rested on bed and curdle each other until it’s almost 2am, quickly we showered and get dress, she must head back to vavoo as her boyfriend will be there to fetch her after work. Well…. I just owned her boyfriend whoever he is….

  6. Where can I get her? Price negotiable to 1000 a pop.

    • Bro please contact John 011-26008088 to arrange a session

  7. My friends were talking about this chick couple of months back during our all guys cheonging conversation and sharing, which happen that I did went for her when she was still in escorting service, somewhere in jln ipoh, and I forgotten about it after that. Until I read Sabilu’s juicy FR and thought why not I try my luck at Vavoo. So I choose middle of weekday which is Wednesday.

    Once arrived, search for her and there she was, doing PR work in Vavoo Pub, surprisingly she still uses the name Shirley. I guess it’s easier for her to get old customers to find her. We chatted abit, ordered beers, but she told me she’s not getting any commission from it, just a flat 150/day wages. For a lady who wears expensive dress and carrying a Prada, well, certified FL she is!

    I called a few friends over to wingman me, can’t finish a bucket of beers all by myself, and my plan is to have drinking session stays longer so I could have more time courting her out for overnight.

    It was really my luck, that she’s going through some hard times, started pouring out all her heart to me as I’m a good listener (for that night duh!) Apparently she has dumped her boyfriend, told me caught her boyfriend cheating all the same-ol-shit bf/gf thingy, i just pretend to be concern and listen then offer my care and concern to her, all she wants now is some love and caring, so I played my role. She needs to comply her working hour until 3:30am, otherwise company would cut her pay. I told her just bail, I will pay her lose whatever pathetic pay she’s getting from that shithole. So we bail, asking my friends to cover for me as a favor that I will return to them in future, that’s what brothers for.

    So she’s abit tipsy and I could see she’s not getting any job lately from FL, so slowly hold her and cuddle while walking to my car. While the deal was still hot, i drove to nearby hotel and check in with a lame excuse saying there’re tons of roadblocks and i would wanna waited out since both of us have drank and she’s not a local. So she agrees, I hold her and slowly helped her up to room and then suddenly she attacked me with a passionate DFK, a long tongue-twisting session I have long never had, So I just laid back and enjoy whatever she has to offer. While doing it, we were undressing each other clothes, although it was abit of a challenge to have both lips sealed up the whole time. Unlike while she was working as an escort, she skipped all the lame catbath licking bullshit and went straight to my dick, while grabbing and fondling my balls with her one hand, the other hand was stroking while she gulp my whole length into her mouth. Gosh when and where did she learn something like that, it was totally a porn scene from a professional.

    She didn’t wanna let go after doing for quite some time, where this is when she would cap and ride me (and shit I forgot to get CD), but she kept going and going until I told her I’m cumming she still at it, and I unload everything into her mouth while she’s still sucking it and I felt her suction continues when I came. Till the last drop she licked, and then swallowed my load, grinned with a smile to me and say “Let’s go shower” in mandarin. I felt like the happiest man on earth that moment.

    During the shower, she gave me a shampoo B2B standing, I asked her where did u learn how to do this, she told me her Thai friend taught her while she was still working as an escort. Well good job and I thanked that thai girl whoever she is. My dick resurrected during the session, she went down to me again, and hopping I would cum in her mouth but sorry, I wasn’t superman, she tried and so she did, but I needed something more stimulating than just a normal FJ session, so I jokingly told her my kinky fantasy that I would need more stimulation to cum multiple times like this, and I wish to see her pee/squirt while she sits on my face eating her pussy. Without further question, and I actually thought she would freak out and pissed off calling me a freak, but instead, she asked me to lay down on shower room floor (Good thing I took the big room) and she sat on my face, adjusting her clit to my tongue ready to eat her up while she bend over to support herself while I focus on her clit, slowly her breathing became faster and I slowly adjust my hand to access her pussy from behind and start fingering her while I was still at her clit, began with index finger, then added my middle finger followed by a curling action pressing towards her g-spot, she became more and more wet while her pussy tunnel expends, my ring finger began to join in, resting my pinky finger and thumb by the side to support the hardcore action, suddenly, she squirted hard while whole body shivering, cumming right on to my face, I was rock hard at this moment, it took her some time to turn around and suck on me while maintain a position of 69, I then unload my 2nd loads into her mouth and there she swallow everything again. By now, I know I was dealing with a hungry tiger.

    After the shower, I needed some time to regain my strength for the next session. We took our time to dry ourselves, curdle together naked like 2 lovers never met for eons. She has shared many of her personal stuff with me, which I know at this point she’s all mine. Then I offer her a trip to Genting and spend a night there, as she told me she wishes to go there to relax and visit the Casino. Before we hit the road, I told her to give me one more passionate and hardcore session but I didn’t prepare CD, she push me backwards to the bed and blow me hard, then ride straight on top of me with her natural love juice as lubricant. I have to admit it took some time for me to unload for the 3rd time, but I did finally and unload everything into her love tunnel, even so, we were still maintaining the penetrating position for while before we clean up and hit the road.

    Long story short. We went up Genting, Casino until morning and slept till afternoon for a few more hardcore session. I will reserve the 2nd part of Genting encounter in my Chapter 2.

  8. Chapter 2

    My encounter with Shirley Hai Yen at Genting

    So, after a hardcore session in the hotel near Vavoo, I invited her to go up Genting since she has been talking about it in including in her moment for quite some time. I told her just ditch her work in Vavoo, I’ll pay for her day wages don’t worry about it then she agrees.

    She was suddenly in the mood for it, like a bird finally freed from the cage. During the journey, we were chatting and I even convinced her to take off her panty, something kinky she had never experienced before. We stopped by Gotong Jaya for some supper, without her panty on, and it was certainly a fun time for me to watch her expression, being careful afraid that someone would discover her kinky action, at the same time turning me on. I kept her panty in my pocket and definitely not giving it back for sure.

    We hit the casino once we reach there. Promised to give her a great time, I sponsored her cash for a few games. She surprises me for how good she’s playing Baccarat, betting a few tables at a same time like a pro. Raking in more wins than losses over 2 hours. She was happy, I was glad she did, she was in the mood for more. 5am, I checked in Genting Grand with comfortable King size bed, to ensure I’m ready to get a round two with her. We were touching each other on our way up, I even fingered her in the lift when there’s nobody around in 5am. Saving the best in the room, we DFK each other along the way until reaches the room. Once in the room and closes the door behind us, we undress each other’s clothes aggressively like hungry lion, it fits exactly like how it was being described from those 80’s romance novel. Piece by piece of our clothing paved up a trail from door to bed, still remains tongue twisting DFK. She then started catbatth me all over my chest while I caress her sexy back enjoy her fondling tongue around my body, going down south then sucking my balls, I was already rock hard at this moment. Perhaps it was the good mood from the casino and smooth sail all the way from Vavoo, I came into her mouth while she was giving me a deep throat thrusting BJ. She didn’t stop there, still remaining my dick in her mouth until the last drop of my cum all in her mouth and she swallow the whole load. Gosh, it was such an intense moment for me. Holding her in my arms, set her beside me and I wanted to rest and see if I can go for a third round, knowing she wanted more.

    After resting for a few minutes, I think I can go for another round, but needed a shower. She went to prepare to fill the tub with warm water while I lay on bed to catch my breath. We continue our intimate session in the hot tub. We shared many personal stuff like a real couple, but I knew and kept reminding myself that this is just a transaction. We started kissing each other again in the tub, while her hand is busy stroking my dick to rock hard again, another hand caressing my balls. I return favours by finger her, from one index finger to adding my middle finger, imitating how it was being done in those Japanese porn, i was bending my fingers to stroke her G spot until she squirts. I didn’t stop there, continue to make her squirt and she came a few times until she lay back with exhaustion.

    We dry up from the tub and switch place to the bed, chatted for a while, sharing more of her personal stuff. I knew I needed more stimulation for the next round, So I went down on her, dining at her pleasure hole until her clit got obviously hard, making her came a few more times, drinking up dry all her love juice along the way. While maintaining at the climax, I penetrated her with missionary position, boy oh boy, she’s wet as fuck. I could feel her twat muscle spasm while she cum, enjoying that moment of pleasure. We did doggie, standing, spoon, at last I came into her back to missionary, holding that position until the last drop into her pleasure hole. Not much of cum for 3rd round, but still some came out when I pulled out.

    Both of us were super tired, we spoon each other to sleep until noon.

    While writing this, there’s a chapter 4 story after the Genting encounter. Yes, there’s a chapter 3 that covered a little encounter at her place after we came down to KL. I will continue the story next time.

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