MP vs Flower Joint vs Out-Call vs In-Call

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Mina from Puchong

Mina incall/Outcall, Puchong

#4 Hang Flower Joint
This is the most expensive option in my opinion only because you will drop some money just for intel. Flowers for girls to feel them out + drinks and tips to waitresses for intel etc. Then once you find a girl you pay to hang flowres to impress them and then you negotiate a fee that in my experience is higher than market value. Also this is the highest risk. Flower Joints are getting busted far more often than anywhere else where I live. Once a week I hear about another raid or two.

#3 Massage Parlors, or MP
This is my economy option. I am getting full service for an hour for 150 – 170. The extras are what throw it over the top for me. I get shower and usually a decent massage out of it as well. The problem is the quality is VERY hit or miss and you never know who is going to be working at that time. There are also a lot of these places around me that are involved in sex trafficing and get a lot of LE attention. I usually only go to a very select few of these places that I am a regular of and only when I need a quick fix.

#2 Outcall to your hotel
I only rank this here because I am less familiar with it. I can count on one hand how many I have had only because I don’t like to do it while traveling. I am more comfortable in my city. I like having the option to just leave if things don’t feel right or if I am not into the girl. I imagine this is harder if she knows where you are and could cause a scene that would be your problem.

#1 Incalls
Which leads me to incalls. I like being in full control so the option to just leave and walk away is huge to me. If I feel something is not right or the girl goes crazy trying to extort me for more money I can just walk. This is also cheaper than outcalls and I find the girls more comfortable with me when they control their environment. A lot of girls can be very guarded or reserved when going to unfamiliar places. I also like being the one who decides when “on time” is. If I want to meet at 7pm I make sure I am on time. I have things to do and don’t want a mad girl at my door when she shows up at 8pm angry when I tell her I now don’t have time and to leave.

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  1. Incalls and outcalls for sure. Incalls and outcalls are pretty much the same thing. The girls are the same, they’re both referred to as ‘escorts’ and the only real difference is the location and sometimes price, so I really can’t make a call as to whether one is better than the other. But a couple hundred for an hour of FJ with girls that actually some were ex flower joint girls in hotness by a longshot is a pretty great deal.

    Massage parlours on the other hand are just SOP job in shittier surroundings which I’m not really interested in. So I doubt I ever will.

    Flower joints are a whole different ball game. From a sexual gratification standpoint, they’re totally expensive as hell and not worth it at all. You get absolutely no action for a grossly large sum of money. I’ve pretty much sworn off them. However, the one reason I would go back to one, is if I was going with friends just to have a good time. MPs and escorts are not exactly a social event, and that’s the one major reason for going to a flower joint.

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