Guide to Safe and Fun Session with viva3 Escort

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If you still new to the scene, we would like you to give you a warm welcome with Malaysian hospitality, and we have prepared a simple guideline for you to ensure a safe and fun environment during your escort session in KL & PJ.

  1. Most of the time, when you are hiring an escort in KL/PJ, you will be talking to the escort service over the phone. The only information they need from you is your location, and type of the girl you prefer, and how long the session you need. You may want to be specific on the type of girl and any particular requirements you are looking for – otherwise, you probably may end up disappointed. Keep in mind that some girls have limitation in satisfying your fetish while some probably would do just anything.
  2. Never ask about the escort personal life unless she is comfortable to share it with you. You might want to ask for her personal number of social media contact, but if she is not comfortable to share it with you, just drop it. Use your common sense. Respect her privacy at all time.
  3. You are expected to pay for the service before the session start. Always pay the amount you have agreed for during the phone reservation. All rates are non-negotiable once the girl has arrived at your place. Asking for a discount at the beginning of the meeting is a pure douchebag move and chances are you will be blacklisted.
  4. Keep yourself clean, take a shower before the session start. If there are certain body parts that you want to be licked or kissed, trim them nicely – and don’t put perfume, deodorant or cologne on those area. Keep in mind that if you want to shave your body, do it a few days before the session, since small cuts and nicks are risk factor for STD.
  5. If you need to take a dump, do it before the session start.
  6. Trim your nails. and toenails Keep it short and clean. It will make the whole experience, especially if you are receiving B2B massage, more comfortable.
  7. Look after your breath. If necessary, take a mint or a mouthwash before the fun begin. Nobody likes to smell a rotten eggs during intimate session.
  8. Always wear protection. Don’t be an idiot. Spare some unopened and sealed condoms, just in case.
  9. Look out for any bruises, wounds or cuts on your body and cover them with strips. Having said that, small abrasions on the mouth and gums due to teeth brushing may increase is a risk factor for STD.
  10. Remember, that the girl you are hiring is a human being. Treat her the way you want to be treated.

Always use your common sense. Don’t do stupid things because you are responsible for any action you made.

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