Geylang Brothel Bans ‘CIM’ After Tragic Drowning Accident

» Posted on May 23, 2016 in TCSS | 0 comments

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A 23-year old worker at a popular brothel in Singapore’s Geylang District has been killed in a bizarre accident early last Thursday morning that has left the city-state stunned. According to reports by local media outlets, the woman drowned after a customer at the venue requested a ‘CIM’ service, which is an acronym used to refer to when a male ejaculates into the mouth of his female partner (i.e. come in mouth). Emergency services were called to the establishment in the early hours of the morning but were unable to resuscitate the woman, who was pronounced dead on arrival, having drowned following the CIM service.

Investigations are currently under way, but early reports suggest the male customer, identified as a 48-year old finance worker living in Sengkang New Town, was a member of an online group known as NoFap. According to the group’s Reddit page, the NoFap ideology involves men abstaining from self pleasure for lengthy periods of time, in order to improve their abilities and self-control. The male customer involved in the incident reportedly claimed he’d been a member of NoFap for over twelve months, and had not had a single release in that time. Normally, the male body does not store more than 10ml of semen, but a medical expert from the Suzukama Centre noted that in rare cases a much higher volume can be produced. “The pituitary gland that regulates production of semen can be damaged, and this can lead to the body producing vast quantities of seminal fluid, up to several litres.” The expert went on to add that in extreme cases of hyperspermia, a sufficient amount could be ejaculated that it could drown a partner, assuming the fluid was delivered to the mouth.

As a precaution while the investigation continues, the Geylang venue involved in the incident has completely banned all customers from CIM. “While it was one of our most popular services, the health and well-being of our employees is our highest concern.” The press release from the establishment went on to note that other services would continue to be offered. “We wish to advise customers that COB and CIA remain available. As an alternative to CIM, we will offer CBJ.”

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