Fazura the ANAL Queen

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Name: Fazura
Damage: 350/hour + 50 anal & CIM
Face: [7.5/10] Those Decent Cute Malay Girl Look
Body: [8.5/10] Slim with a hint of Curvy (No strech mark no scars detected)
Boobs: [9/10] C cup. FIRM!! YES!! HOLY GOOD LORD!!
Ass: [8.5/10] Cute Tiny Ass very Pleasuring To Grab On
Pussy: [9.5/10] Tight! Clean Shaved! Nice smell ( I think it was a strawberry scent…huhuhuhu)
MSJ: [ No ]
HJ: Excellent ( seems very experienced)
BJ: 9/10 Those naughty eyes when shes looking at you when shes doing it <3
CAS: No ask
DFK: 10/10 Woohoo I thought we just had a tounge fight hehehehe
DATY: Didnt Do it
MOAN: Very Turning You On
GFE: [10/10], Very Friendly and Loving seems felt like your own wife~
FJ: [10/10], wowwww dangerous kitty! she will rape ya instead, believe me!
OVERALL: [9.5/10],cause i lil bit tired at that time, but she could care my didi up for long <3

First of All I would Like Thank Bro Jebat for Hooking Me up with this lovely Miss Tania Bawak dia trun melaka again…….aauuuuuummmmmmm ( bak kata atuk, hehehehehe)

Well Yesterday Bro Jebat did mention Tania is coming down to Melaka. I was ok (FUCK YEAHHH!!) Anal Queen is Coming To Melaka!! ( Whistling Happily), But still keep calm on the outside. So i did gain her contacts. So Text her Right away! huhuhuhu. She did reply, but i was late. She said i could come after 2300 hours. I was so exhausted at that time, instead i booked for tomorrow’s slot ( Which is Today) around 5PM. She asked for a Depo of RM50, without hesitation i bank it in right away. (Dude shes a well known verified and trusted FL, so no worries bout scams).

Next Day, (today lah)

Its 1645 hours, she texted me her location. My heart skipped a beat (Too Nervous Perhaps). Grab My Keys and Away i go!
Arrived at Hotel B*****W. Still feeling nervous ( maybe I was overjoyed) I knocked Her Door. She greets me with a warm welcome. My jaw dropped, Walaowei! Shes even better than the pictures. Cute, Petite and very Manja. She looks like an angel with her white see through night dress. But still i manage to keep my didi from exploding to sudden. So heads up to the shower…. huhuhu. Popped out from shower….There she is. She already took off her dress n now shes in her sexy night lingerie while hugging a teddy , OMG it was so cute i was nearly fainted. I manage to hold my strength and lay besides her on bed. ya we had a lil chit chat, she seems very friendly. Shes easing all your nervous nerves down.Then she puts her head on my chest and lay besides me. It was like those little kitty who begs to be patted. Haiyoo shes Really Manja type. Suddenly she climbs on me n start kissing me vigorously , we even had a tongue fight. What a wonderful DFK. While shes busy with DFK, i took the chance of playing with her ass…..mmmmm those tiny moans, sure a big turn on. She started to took of her bra and Walaaa! Two Melons send from heaven. Cant Stop sucking and playing with it, i dont know why. Took off her panties…..and hmmmm hmmm hmmmm someone is kinda wet~. Then lets da game begin!!

The BBBJ fuhhh, its wonderful , she will start teasing just by licking the tip, wrapping her tongue around your didi. When you cant stand the tease, then shes start to BBBJ. shes gonna do it while naughtily looking you in the eyes. She even DT too. Nothing left! she took it all in! After shes done. shes gonna cap you, but not by her hands but using her mouth instead. She puts the CD in her Mouth and pop it goes. Damnnnnnnn. A lil bit more DFK while shes doing HJ then off we go! We started by her on top. Shes not the type of riding you right away. but shes gonna start it slow….its like grinding…. in a circular motion. Then she starts humping me with her on top. Later on we switched To doggie. With her face down ass up, she seems enjoying it. Missionary Time! huhuhu With her Legs wrapping around my waist, it seems she want it more. Shes holding us even closer and of course more DFK and boobs playing while on that position. She seems very enjoyed when i played with her boobs and yes,she is a very good lover. Then i got my back laid again on the bed, while shes giving me a HJ ( Got a lil tired weh!) She rode me again and start to CG by her own. Following her rhythm, she seems like shes gonna cum, but my time isnt coming yet. So she offered me, have you tired anal? Do You Want It? ( YESS!!! YESS!! YESS!! THIS IS IT!!) She fetched her lube, start rubbing all on my didi and a bit on her rosebud. The best part is SHES ON TOP! YES! SHES ON TOP WITH MY DIDI IN HER ASS!! its like a dream come true. Its like a porn scene, Damn its so tight! feels so damn good! No wonder shes one of the ANAL QUEEN. Shes controlling the speed, then i start rocking my hips, her moan….it really turns me on, seems like shes enjoying with every single thrust in to her delicious ass. Then still with my didi in her ass we switched to missionary, with her legs folded on her chest, i got a really nice view of her rosebud, its wonderful. She is really enjoying it in the ass, SHE LOVES IT!. At last in missionary position, as im bangging her as fast as i could and fuhhh, I cummed in her pretty little rosebud ( with CD on of course!). Man I was so exhausted(Only 1 shot i could afford). But she stills wants it more.

After all is done. I we go took a bath. Later still in our towels, we have more chit chat. Yup we did talk a lot. sharing stories etc etc. Its seems like we had known each other for along time ( Frankly its our 1st time seeing each other) Well Im looking forward to see her again! For Sure!


  1. She really nice and good girl… Gfe so wonderful my wife also can’t fight with her,, seriously I never fell like this with freelance girl,, only fazura can do it
    She like people touch her nipple about 10minute and she wet.. original water no need using KY and she blow job make me high
    Service superb 10/10,,, next Friday I will come again

    • Thank you for your support sir.

      • Hey bro, Fazura still available?

        • Yup, just call 011-26008088 for booking bro

      • Bro need a contact

        • Bro, u can contact 011-26008088 John to arrange a session

  2. Bro i really need this girl bro..if i can send this to johor bahru area,,i will sure come service every week..is this girl can come to johor also??

  3. If u can send this girl to johor i really2 appreciate,,

    • bro boleh x pm email aku no contact ko.boleh panggil aku mr k

      • Tuan boleh call saya 011-26008088. Nama Saya John Tuan.

  4. If anybody can bring this to jb..please give the contact number to me,,upjohn43@gmail.com

    • Fazura is KL based bro. Unless u can convince her to go Johor. Take her a few times and become regular maybe she will follow u?

      • How can i convince her to come johor?

        • If u are asking this question means u cant convince her ady lor bro. AT least book her and meet her if U wanna convince her. 1st step also duwanna take how to convince?

        • Call me at 011-26008088 I arrange a meet up with her for you bro.

          • Can you arrange her to come johor bro??if can i whatsapp u bro..very appreciate if u can arrange her for me..

          • Even she can stay only a week in johor i will sure she will get a lot customer in jb..n of coz i will take her for 1day..

  5. Fazura number 1 and is the best
    She do real fucking with me like boyfriend
    And girlfriend that feeling and she very wet,,
    One thing I can’t forget until now she service superb and she bbbj huh I can’t say that!!!
    I think she tougue have magic I also don’t know how to say the feeling,, she do at me very real fucking bluefilm also can’t do it like fazura do it at me,, so sad now I’m at jb Saturday going back to kl then I can’t meet fazura this week,, first time in my life meet Malay girl and superb service I must give her 19/10 not 10/10 ya she pussy very tight then she ass
    And she can do something at my little brother inside her pussy by the way your are number 1 superb service freelance girl

    • Thank you sir for your feedback. Glad you had a great time with her.

  6. Fazura number 1 superb service
    She do real fucking
    Any girl can’t fight her

  7. When come to melaka again?

    • Fazura was in Melaka?

  8. Is she in melaka now?can i have her contact bro?if you have it..can you email me..

    • Please call 011-26008088 for more information thank you.

  9. Could you give me Fazura contact details. I want to book her

    • Sir to book Fazura, please call 011-26008088 thank u

      • Can fazuri do anal

        • Please call 011-26008088 for further info bro. U from Somali?

  10. Hello Fazura still working or any new Malay anal girl

  11. Hi any local that can do anal

    • Toni, can u call 011-26008088 for arrangement? Thx

  12. Where is fazura location Kl or Melaka
    How much her services including anal

    • Bro, u may call 011-26008088 for arrangement

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