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Girlfriend Experience Definition

The term ‘Girlfriend Experience’ or commonly known as GFE, has a different definition for different people. Some use it to refer to an escort who provides deep kissing and a very affectionate, intimate date – much like one’s real girlfriend might should she come to visit.

Others consider a GFE more of a tasteful lady-friend – More than a friend, but less than a ‘girlfriend’, if referring to the definition above!

However, for most people – and certainly for the Viva3 escort agency, A GFE simply refers to a beautiful woman of equal sophistication to yourself, with whom you get along, who can provide enjoyable companionship, whatever that entails for the both of you. Which is pretty much what a girlfriend does. 🙂

The Girlfriends

The Viva3 escort offering a GFE is usually very warm-hearted, empathetic, compassionate and caring. She is genuine and loves to pamper people, and is usually quite kind. These types of girls are generally well presented (especially at this elite level), and take very good care of themselves. Part of their work involves accompanying gentlemen to dinner dates and social events, so for this she must always look her best. She invests significantly in maintaining her beauty, style, general knowledge and social etiquette. In a nutshell, the ideal date!

Booking A Date

Using a GFE escort agency isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and certainly not as scary or sleazy as some people perceive it to be! Don’t confuse an upscale escort with a streetwalker, brothel worker or indiscriminate callgirl. These are normal, intelligent, fresh and beautiful women who just happen to be available for a small window in their lives to be a professional companion.

Booking a Viva3 escort companion is a contemporary way to meet the right kind of person, whose company you can enjoy, without any strings or consequences. Like with any date, what occurs is entirely up to the chemistry created between the two of you.

You may have been set up by friends with someone, or gone on a blind date before. It’s a bit embarrassing and often a disaster because you have nothing in common. Or perhaps you’ve wasted hours trawling internet dating profiles, seeking out someone suitable you can spend some time with. The person you meet often turns out to be very different to what they claimed (older/ fatter/ shorter/ completely different to their profile photo!) Or you may have asked a colleague out on a date, and found out they were very different outside of work.. Now you have to awkwardly work with them. Or they harass you for more attention than you want to give..

How about a regular dating agency? Have you ever truly met a stunning and interesting woman at a dating agency? Perhaps some people have been happy with whom they’ve met, but a lot of their ‘success stories’ are fabricated. And a lot of the women on their books are there for a reason… How many years of bad dates, disastrous fix ups and failed relationships have you endured? And how much have they COST you…?

The Agency

None of these situations will happen with Viva3 dating. We are very selective, screening all our models thoroughly. All the elite escorts sign a legal non-disclosure and work agreement, and we offer a 100% guarantee of quality. You will always meet the person you have booked, 100% of the time. She will always be exactly as described, 100% of the time. If on the very rare occasion there is a personality incompatibility, we simply swap the model for another one, no questions asked.

Whatever you want to call her – Viva3 escort, professional companion, travel buddy, GFE date or elite courtesans – it is easy to book an appointment, and enjoy a sensational date with one of these intelligent, educated, beautiful women. They are all beautiful. They are all educated. They are all accomplished in their full-time careers. And they are all available sometimes to meet for fun dates, with no strings. What may or may not occur between two grown adults is their concern. We simply introduce exquisite, upscale ladies to sophisticated, refined gentlemen. Can you charm her?

Simply contact us now and we can discuss your needs, and which model or models may suit your preferences. Book a date with a stunning, vibrant young woman, and feel young again! Call 011-26008088

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Be Certain About These Factors before Hiring Escorts in Bukit Bintang

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Hiring escorts for refreshment is nothing new in the present time. Men of all ages prefer this service now for various purposes. And hiring sex girls have also become quite convenient now with the help of internet. Men can now book escorts from their home without letting anyone know about this. There are so many famous places for escorts and Kuala Lumpur is definitely one of those places. Hundreds of visitors visit this place every year from different parts of the world to enjoy this service. Viva3 Escort is very popular among the men for various reasons.

However, here in this article, we will discuss about the common problems that can be faced by the clients after hiring the service. Awareness about these problems among the men is necessary.

The empty box

It has happened to a number of people that after hiring the service and making the payment, no one came for the service on the specified date. This is very common and it’s mostly done by the fake agencies. It often becomes very difficult to make contact with those people once the payment is done. Hence, every step should be placed carefully. Collecting proper information is very necessary.

Poor Mannerism

The behavior and attitude of the sex girl large determines the overall experience of the clients. But it is often seen that the behavior of the girls is rude most of the time. They behave badly with their clients and disagree to meet the requirements of the contracts. Things become a bit difficult since the clients have already made the payment and it is not always possible to force the girls to do something. The situation ends up with a bad note.

Theft or physical assault

If you are planning for an in-call service, be very careful about the location where you are going to meet the girl. Hundreds of men witnessed situations where they have to lose their money and all other expensive stuffs because of the girl. Giving them chances to take away your money can prove to be a big mistake.

If it is making you afraid by this far, let me tell you that you can avoid such situations by collecting each and every detail about the agency before availing the service. Viva3 Escort is one of the most reliable escort agencies located in Kuala Lumpur. They have offered service to hundreds of people from different places. All their details are available on their websites and the details of the escort girls are also available through the website. So, next time when you will hire a service, you should hire escorts from this agency only for an exciting experience.

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