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Coco KD uncensored photo

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Coco – Thailand uncensored photos

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Malaysia Best Entertainment Guide & Directory

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Malaysia Best Web Directory Your Business Needs to Be Listed Online if you are in the adult entertainment businesses

Gone are the days when adult entertainment business laid down an annual sum to have its information listed in the the traditional-never-changes cheong forums.

These days it’s crucial for adult entertainment businesses to instead prominently list themselves in multiple online directories. Consider this, four out of five cheongsters in the Malaysia now use search engines to find local ports. Perhaps more importantly, 50 percent of those conducting local searches by smartphone visit the business in question within the same day, and 18 percent move forward with a phone call that day. To make sure your business is found, I’ve outlined the best place your business needs to be listed.

GG141 is a paid network targeted toward big & small adult entertainment businesses seeking to connect with local customers and other small businesses in their areas. Clients can advertise to boost their listings exposure, post worker lineups, and take advantage of targeted niche marketing in building their business. The more active the database they are up to date, the more local exposure they gain. Contact and get a free demo and account create by contacting them here.

Banned Hannah Vietnam

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Originally from GW3/IC2 MP girl from Vietnam HCMC selling at RM150 / Shot

Now suddenly changed to Hotel selling at 190 / Shot

I personally will not endorse her t any of my clients for the below reason:

– Low quality escort
– Doesn’t shower with customer after the deal is done
– no return value

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