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Love Jakarta Girl

A pair of nice boobs always comes from an Indonesian...

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Dining Local Cuisine at viva3

DID YOU KNOW… viva3 has local cuisine that you can dine in every day except Sunday. Operation hour 1pm – 12am daily. Just call 011-26008088 to book in advance. Yes, booking is required to secure your slot, just like how others do OD for the local cuisine. Amora Local NLAmora Local NLFazura Local NLFazura Local NLKiwi Local CKTLiana Local NLMandy Local CKTMandy Local CKTMaya Local NLMaya Local NLVelvet (Local CKT)Velvet Local...

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Guide to Safe and Fun Session with viva3 Escort

If you still new to the scene, we would like you to give you a warm welcome with Malaysian hospitality, and we have prepared a simple guideline for you to ensure a safe and fun environment during your escort session in KL & PJ. Most of the time, when you are hiring an escort in KL/PJ, you will be talking to the escort service over the phone. The only information they need from you is your location, and type of the girl you prefer, and how long the session you need. You may want to be specific on the type of girl and any particular requirements you are looking for – otherwise, you probably may end up disappointed. Keep in mind that some girls have limitation in satisfying your fetish while some probably would do just anything. Never ask about the escort...

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Zennie @ Sunway Mentari Flip Car Notice!

Gentlemen, please be noted that Zennie from Sunway Mentari has been officially labeled the flip car queen. Any of you still want to choose her please be reminded that you are choosing her at YOUR OWN RISK! You have been warned. Zennie – Pretty face only, flip car experience to the...

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CIBAI cheongster spotted in PJ Jaya One

This Fucking Cibai cheongster do booking for fun. Booked and secured a session, when his time arrived, blocked me to communicate with him. He thinks this is...

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